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Polyglot generasi tuaa.. Tetep kompak.. Hehe – with Tegar, Dimas, Rosita, and Vera at McDonald’s / McCafé

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Love Message for my gf

Just make some simple videoscribe video for my beloved girlfriend..

We’ve been in Long Distance Relationship for a month, out of two years (doh!..). Hope we’ll get married at the end of this year or earlier next year. Been loving her so much, think her as my Last one.

Hope this video can truly show my feelings toward her

Give me your comments about this videoscribe message, I hope this video can be your inspiration also..

Love you all..

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Pertemuan halal bi halal keluarga besar IDI Sampang

Pertemuan halal bi halal keluarga besar IDI Sampang

Mami dr. Hj. Indah memberikan sambutan selaku ketua IDI Sampang yang baru. Congrats ya dokter, semoga bisa membawa bahtera IDI ke tempat yang lebih baik.. amin.. 🙂

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As if you know living in hell

It is like something that you can’t imagine. If it wasn’t for .. I’ll get back my life. Staying silent in my darkest corner. Someday, I’m promise. The light will turn back on me. Until that time, silent and watch. Keep your stance. Fight.

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I think this one is a rocket of an article.. Many people forgot about what is the reality in front of us, just think they can outsmart fact, hidden conspiracy, even God. But the reality is there, forgotten. Try to evade the responsibility and blame on any other things – if we can say –

The truth is out there – *x-files theme song

The Laughing Phoenix

Kemarin ramai di Twitter soal pernyataan bahwa penangkapan presiden PKS oleh KPK adalah konspirasi zionis. Kebanyakan di TL gw mentertawakan pernyataan itu. Daripada konspirasi zionis, gw lebih percaya ada konspirasi Aliansi Sapi Asing yang sudah muak dijadikan rendang di Indonesia. Sayangnya tidak ada yang mau percaya teori gw.

Tapi insiden ini mengingatkan gw pada sebuah cerita konspirasi lama, yaitu konspirasi pendaratan di bulan yang palsu. Bagi yang tidak tahu, banyak orang percaya bahwa pendaratan astronot di bulan (inget Neil Armstrong? “One small step for a man, giant leap for mankind”?) sebenarnya adalah konspirasi kebohongan. Konon sebenarnya Amerika Serikat tidak pernah berhasil mendarat di bulan, tetapi untuk menjaga harga diri, mereka membuat video dan foto-foto palsu di studio bahwa seolah-olah mereka berhasil. “Video dan foto palsu” itu dibahas dari berbagai sudut, dengan “bukti-bukti” akan kepalsuan mereka. Tidak tanggung-tanggung, konon Pemerintah AS menyewa sutradara Hollywood kondang Stanley Kubrick untuk membuat film tersebut…

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Contemplation before the exam

“There will be time when our self-pricing body will be exchange for something better in the future. To be defendant of this freedom, to be the light that can defeat the darkness, I serve myself for You. In exchange for my never ending journey..”


#14 Days Countdown before the exam

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saya mencoba untuk optimis dan skeptis.. sementara ini secara objektif program program yang direncanakan sudah asik. Implementasinya yang kita tunggu, dan bagaimana impactnya ke Indonesia

Catatan Dahlan Iskan

Minggu, 29 Juli 2012
Manufacturing Hope 37

Sambil mengikuti sidang kabinet yang membicarakan pertumbuhan ekonomi di Kementerian Perindustrian Jumat lalu, saya iseng-iseng mengingat di luar kepala proyek apa saja yang akan dikerjakan BUMN untuk mendukung pertumbuhan ekonomi itu.

Saya buat daftarnya di kertas. Ternyata banyak sekali.

Tahun ini saja 15 pabrik besar harus mulai dibangun. Ketika Presiden SBY menyebut dampak krisis ekonomi Eropa pada pertumbuhan ekonomi kita, saya pun punya tekad bulat: tidak boleh satu pun dari 15 proyek tersebut yang batal atau ditunda.

Krisis ekonomi yang kian berat memang mengerikan, tapi BUMN harus bisa jadi salah satu bumper bagi ekonomi Indonesia.

Setiap pembatalan atau penundaan proyek tersebut bukan saja membawa dampak pada penurunan aktivitas ekonomi, tapi juga membawa dampak pskologis yang bisa membuat orang bersikap wait and see.

Semua pihak memang harus bertekad menjaga agar target pertumbuhan ekonomi seperti yang diinginkan Presiden SBY di atas 6% bisa tercapai.


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Making Memories..

I have a simple philosophy that I live by every day. When I am faced with two courses of action–two different paths–and I have to make a decision, the only criterion I use to make the decision is this:

Which path will give me the best memories?

Period. That’s it. I don’t ask which path is more secure, or which path will be a better financial decision, or which path my family and friends think is best. I simply ask myself what are the best memories I can possibly make. That is the guiding principle of my life. Baca Selengkapnya..

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Love, Tear and Stanza

How do I say goodbye to someone I never really had?
Why do my tears fall so endlessly for someone who was never really mine?
Why is it I miss someone I was never really with?
And why do I love someone whose love was never really mine?

There is a night, when we look into the sky.
Startled about something that even don’t have any meaning..

Why I am so afraid?
I just want to say that I love you..

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I am still the same dog

I was hearing about the new peer group of my former organization earlier today. Frankly, this organization was the one who raised me so well until what I’ve became right now. The one who responsible to my speech and writing skill, my leadership intellectuality and my maturation.

There were days when we stood up together. Yelling at the injustice around us. No matter how much sun had burned our skin or mass control police stood against us, we still standing up. With my old microphone, I delivered burning speech to raise the mass morale. Speak the truth. Our idealism. Our belief. and Our dream.

Those days, our college grades was no longer matter for us. What matter is, the end of these nonsensical age. Revolution must be brought. No matter what it cost. We need to begin and make our first step. Those day, we said it: To change how the world rotates.

Years passed. I’ve been saturated. I still have those sweet dream to change the world. But the more mature I am, the more realistic I became. Either it was my defend mechanism or my intellectual maturation. I’ve got blinded. I don’t know again where is the truth and which one is the fake things.

The fight inside my head got crazy every day. When I saw my colleague speak the truth, I didn’t see it again as a truth. Moreover, I see it as a doctrinal words. The practice that I’ve been doing for years. I started to speak to them, there is something wrong with our method. We can’t get there, if we still like this.
At this point, they started to call me traitor.

Anti-criticism, Ordered mind, No freedom. I realized that I just an intellectual dog who trained to bark as your upper level want. They give you the promise to take you to nirvana, the sweetness of it, the taste of it, but they never intended to go there at the very first place.

Sometimes, The greatest lie was a lie which contained a slight piece of truth inside it.

I still believe in that nirvana. But I don’t care anymore about them. There are somethings that better if you do it yourself than with the party. I was blinded with my obsession of the Nirvana. That just how I raised. I want to still believe as a dog. But this time, I run for myself. You better watch out, cause now I will bite anyone who stands in my way.

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