Oleh: dokterdiaz | Mei 16, 2010

beta release my abstract

The Influence of Happiness on The Blood Pressure of Elder Hypertensives Patients in Watugel Rural Area, Lawang, Indonesia

DA Pradana*, WA Purnomo*, D Pambudi*, CM Susanto*, N Kurnia*, R Twelvira*

*Medical Faculty Airlangga University, Surabaya 60286, INDONESIA

Background: Vasodilatation is an important event in body that protects blood vessel from obstruction because narrowing process by several agents. This mechanism can correct vessel width so the blood peripheral resistance will decrease and step down body’s blood pressure (bp). Objective: The purpose of this study was to determine effects of emotional occurrence from laughing on decreasing blood pressure level Method: Experimental studies conducted to 26 elder hypertension patients who was inducted 30 minutes watching traditional comedy film. Blood pressure was identified by Hg sphygmomanometer and conducted twice as legal artist procedure. Result: After exposured by 30 minutes traditional comedy film, bp decrease was found 19 mmHg and 24 mmHg, respectively. These results mean that bp level decrease 1.81 and 2.54 percent, respectively. Conclusion: Because of that fact, we conclude that emotional modification plays an important role in enhancing of acute vasodilatation event in elder hypertension patient.

Keyword: Laugh therapy, Hypertension in elder patient, Blood Pressure.

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