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Pieces of Miracles: HIV Virus, The Dreaded Savior !

Those who remember Allah (always, and in prayers) standing, sitting, and lying down on their sides, and think deeply about the creation of the heavens and the earth, (saying): “Our Lord! You have not created (all) this without purpose, glory to You! (Exalted are You above all that they associate with You as partners). Give us salvation from the torment of the Fire.

( سورة آل عمران , Aal-e-Imran, Chapter #3, Verse #191)

After a month philosophing, Finally, this is my first post in English. I know exactly how bad my grammar was. JUST BEAR WITH IT!! or I will remember you forever.. hho


Okay, Let’s do it.

Many lessons I’ve got here as a medical student in US. Few people told me that America is not the best place to study medicine at. Even part of it was true. But, I’m not very bothered with those people say. There are always pros and cons in every thing we do. Like youtube. Negative and Positive comments are always there.

Apart with all of those things, I was very glad that I’ve been here to study. This is one of my big decision in life. This decision involved a lot of money, my parent’s money :p . So instead of being upset and melancholic all the night, I decided to enjoy my journey here. Every second I use to remember Allah who gave me such an opportunity, I won’t waste it. I’m decided as Peter Parker who decided to sacrifice his life to become Spiderman. LoL.. :))

At this time, I’m learning biochemistry. DNA Recombinant to be specific. In this subject I’ve been learning about how a genetic material can be manipulated and used to treat peoples. One of the most interesting subject is about Gene therapy. Based on Wikipedia, Gene therapy can be described as below:

Gene therapy is the use of DNA as a pharmaceutical agent to treat disease. It derives its name from the idea that DNA can be used to supplement or alter genes within an individual’s cells as a therapy to treat disease. The most common form of gene therapy involves using DNA that encodes a functional, therapeutic gene in order to replace a mutated gene. Other forms involve directly correcting a mutation, or using DNA that encodes a therapeutic protein drug (rather than a natural human gene) to provide treatment. In gene therapy, DNA that encodes a therapeutic protein is packaged within a “vector”, which is used to get the DNA inside cells within the body. Once inside, the DNA becomes expressed by the cell machinery, resulting in the production of therapeutic protein, which in turn treats the patient’s disease. (Wikipedia, 2011)

I know what you’re thinking. Of course I didn’t learn from Wikipedia. But I personally thinks that Wikipedia is one of the best online encyclopedia to explain terms in very detailed way for lay persons. I love it since I was freshman year.. hhe :p

Let’s continue.. So, what is the connection between HIV virus and Wikipedia? no.. there is no connection. I was talking about Gene therapy. The fact is: The virus that used to be vector in gene therapy is retrovirus. The virus family which HIV virus belongs to.

This retrovirus synthesis an enzyme that we called Reverse Transcriptase. This enzyme usually is used by retrovirus to convert their RNA (Genetic Material that encodes protein) into DNA then injects it into human DNA. Gene therapy uses this nature to inject the copy of normal human RNA into defected human DNA that belong to some of congenital disease.

Gene therapy now offers potential cures for various inherited diseases. The goal of this therapy is to insert a normal DNA into the defective gene. For example, the individual who developed X linked Severe Combined Immunodeficency disease which have a mutation in their γ chain gene common to several interleukin receptor can be helped with this therapy. The mutated gene will override with the normal gene inserted with the retrovirus as the carrier vector.

Terrific huh? 😀

The meaning of this article was to re-remember us about a promise from our God. Nothing was created for useless. Even the most feared virus in the world had been designed to make a big leap for the advancement of medicine world.

Nothing is useless. Everything was perfectly designed.

God didn’t play dice on us.

The believers tend to increase their iman when they think deeply about His creation. How can’t we do that if everywhere in this world will ends up only to proof His magnificence. Just believe. And it will be happen.

Sorry for bad english, correction and critics are welcome. 😀

wallahu a’lam bis showwab.

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