Oleh: dokterdiaz | Mei 9, 2012

Dark Side of The World: World’s Largest Infant Genocide Machine..

Today, I’ve started my day with unpleasant story from my best friend about the story of female infanticide in India. It some sort of sad and heart breaking story to hear about many abortion conducted in India just because of the gender of the new baby. Honestly, it is opening my eyes. There are still people in another side of this world doing such an ancient irrational crime like that. For whatever the reason, it is still disgusting. Woman should be honored. Even in Islam, women have a high place in society. I can’t bear with it.

After the lecture, I am curious and try to find some documentary video on youtube describing facts about infanticide in India. Some people said it was because poverty, culture, dowry system (we said it as ‘mahar’) and society pressure. But, I think the main problem was because of India’s backward law that forced them into poverty and feel the only way to keep on living is they have to kill their daughter because they truely cannot afford the financial responsibility.

The craziest thing that I’ve heard that, they even banned USG just because they afraid if they tell the parents about the gender female of the baby. They prefer to abort it. I mean, it was so insane. I’ve seen many abortion in Indonesia. And I’ve feeling soo bad about it. But the rate is much more crazy there. This condition makes the ratio of female vs male is declining abruptly, 900 females for thousand males.

Another fact is even the high society is practicing the insanity too. The society run in the way that an Indian girl cannot do anything without the permission of her parents, brother or husband. Society frowns on her for wanting to dress fashionable or sexy, keep boyfriends, or interact with the opposite gender. She is expected to be a virgin and not allowed to be sexual. For boys, life is very different. They come home from work and relax, play cricket, watch movie, go out etc. Girls are forced to do labour work outside and then come home to do all the house chores. They prefer man to bear the name of the family or run the empire.

I don’t mean to be offend to India. But knowing this fact, I think there’s still something wrong in how the world’s running. The inequality is way to big. The world need revolution. And you know, It’s just a matter of time.

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