Oleh: dokterdiaz | Juli 22, 2012

Making Memories..

I have a simple philosophy that I live by every day. When I am faced with two courses of action–two different paths–and I have to make a decision, the only criterion I use to make the decision is this:

Which path will give me the best memories?

Period. That’s it. I don’t ask which path is more secure, or which path will be a better financial decision, or which path my family and friends think is best. I simply ask myself what are the best memories I can possibly make. That is the guiding principle of my life.

Most of us, when faced with a new opportunity, will tend to second guess our intuition. We get an invitation or an opportunity and we tend to reason it out, try to make sense of it, ask for advice, weigh the pros and cons, etc. We think we are being prudent by soberly considering all the “facts”, but in reality, we are killing the essence of creation. This is where we fail.

So how do you know which path will give you the very best memories? Relax and trust the process.Your mind needs all the “facts” to make a decision. Your gut does not. Your gut instinct is always correct… it is your very best guide in the world.

And why is it so important to concentrate on making memories? Because when we are old, that is all we will have.

When we are old, we won’t remember the car we bought, or the raise we got, or the things we bought. We will only remember our relationships… the ones we loved and the ones who loved us.

I sat down a while ago with a girlfriend from my neighbor. And she told me about her life and what she is doing now. She works at a convalescent home. A place where old people with no loved ones go to live their last days.

This is what she said to me, “Every day, I see someone die. And every single one of them, on the day they are about to die, looks at me with a panic in their eyes. They know they will die that day, they can feel it, and they are so alone and so afraid. Sometimes, because they are so alone, I will crawl onto the bed and lay down beside them, on the day they are about to die.”

She was crying as she told me this. and then she added, “You know what they all say to me? They look at me, clutch my arm, and say, ‘Oh how I wish I had concentrated on my relationships and not all the other things I thought were so important. If only I could do it all again!”

So go forth and make the best memories you can make in this world. Make this your life purpose! Concentrate on your dreams, maximize the connections with the people you love. Because that is all you will think about when you are old…


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